Flowers and impressive centerpieces are the most important part to make your event outstanding. With or without flowers, you are at the right place.


Lighting is an important component of a room decor. We can provide regular or wireless LED lighting fixtures to produce that Wow! Effect even in the toughest of places.


Draping the walls or swaging the ceiling can completely transform the room. We carry many fabrics and colors to accomplish just that!


Whatever your preference of fabric for your table cloths or chair covers we can provide it for you! Spandex, sheer, satin, lace, beaded and more. When we make your tablescape samples it always included your selection of linen to create a customize design.



Your wedding day is a special one in your life that will be forever be in your memory. The beauty and elegance of that great day should be done with meticulous details. Allow us to do that for you! Whether you are doing a large or intimate wedding we will handle it with upmost care and professionalism.


Let us create a fabulous event for everyone to remember with an outstanding track record of creating great surroundings, your event will have a Wow factor!


Decor is one of the most creative aspects of the planning process for your child's Bar Bat Mitzvah celebration. It's a time to showcase your kids's personality and interests. Tony O. Events enjoys hearing your ideas and finding creative ways to tie it all together.